Manhattan Beachwear

Inspired by the beach and equipped with years of experience in the swimwear industry, Allan Colvin knew what it would take to create a niche in the swimwear marketplace when he started Manhattan Beachwear over 25 years ago. With a moniker that pointed to his favorite surf spot on the Southern California coast, and the license for the Hobie name from friend and surfing legend Hobie Alter; he created a company that would produce the first surf-inspired American classic swimwear collection under the Hobie label. Over the years, Colvin has grown the company to be one of the most successful in the industry. On October 5, 2010, Manhattan Beachwear acquired Apparel Ventures Inc, a multi-brand, international fashion apparel company. 

As a result of the acquisition, two of the most established and respected names in the swimwear industry were brought together. Colvin remains at the helm and leads the combined entity which operates under the Manhattan Beachwear Inc. name. Due to the acquisition, the company now sports a large and diverse portfolio of brands, providing its customer base with an unmatched brand and product mix. As a leading manufacturer of junior and women’s swimwear, Manhattan Beachwear produces its own collections, as well as holds the licenses for several of the most sought after labels in the marketplace.


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