Topson Downs

Topson Downs was started in the downtown Los Angeles fashion scene, with all operations in one small building. Gradually, Topson expanded into manufacturing worldwide. In the late seventies, Topson Downs expanded into Mexico. As a pioneer in outsourced shipping, Topson started a trend that has become mainstream in the garment industry. The past decade has been a major expansion era for Topson Downs. In 1998, they expanded into China and eventually opened a China design room. Starting with junior apparel, they have gradually expanded their product line to include all categories of women's apparel. Since they started, the apparel industry has evolved drastically. Topson Downs was ahead of the curve and began focusing on accommodating the mass-market retailers and speciality stores. Through building these relationships, Topson Downs has become a reliable supplier for quick response manufacturing. In the past five years, The Topson Downs Group has shipped over 100 million units.

In today’s economy, it’s critical for apparel companies to do more with less, and to streamline operations and improve efficiency wherever possible. NGC’s software enables us to do that, while also improving gross margins and lowering costs.

Jill Spielman


Topson Downs Case Study

Topson Downs Transforms Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility with NGC's Extended PLM

Challenge: Topson Downs needed a comprehensive, end-to-end PLM system to help the company manage design, sampling, production and all the other facets of its rapidly growing apparel design/manufacturing business.

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