BBC International LLC

For more than thirty years, BBC has been a prominent footwear sourcing agent representing the largest footwear providers and specialty brands in the world.  They are a uniquely positioned company, offering the most powerful combination of brands and licenses in the market.

BBC dedicates themselves to giving their customers exactly what they need; they provide direction, fashion design, performance and business strategy. Their teams of creative designers, product developers, sales associates, marketers, and customer service experts have one goal; becoming the best full service footwear supplier in the world.

We have nine brands that we’re managing, from the wholesale perspective domestically. And we were managing all of these tasks internally as a company in Excel. So, just to break it down for you, nine brands that have about three launches a year and we have 66 tasks in our product lifecycle management so if you add that up it comes out to about 1800 tasks that we were managing as a company with different timetables. Just impossible to manage. That caused this to be a little bit disjointed so when we partnered with NGC, it kind of brought it all together. It's been a phenomenal system for us. 

Josue Solano
President, Chief Operating Officer



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