Klaus Obermeyer is their inspiration to innovate and live a well-balanced life. When he founded the company over 60 years ago, it was his entrepreneurial spirit that drove him to combine his engineering background with his love of snowsports to create technically responsible winter clothing that would enhance the experiences of his customers. It's that same spirit that inspires them today. As a family-run, privately held company based in Aspen, Colorado, they are actively pursuing their goal of designing and producing more sustainable, earth-friendly products. By bringing together forward-thinking people, they are embracing new technologies and innovative ideas. With eyes on the future, they can afford the patience to make smart choices that will affect our planet in a positive way.


We use an entire suite of NGC, the GES Model. I started creating an RFP, the solutions were evident that I needed something that would communicate from the design to the supply chain to the ERP to fulfillment. That came down to a very few companies that were willing to do everything that we needed to do or had the capabilities of doing everything we needed to do and NGC, ultimately won out on that one. Well the benefits are outstanding really when you look at a company that we had big troubles and a lot of the troubles were self-induced because we really didn’t have the capability of looking our data appropriately, being able to analyze what were doing. The ROI that I initially had which was a 24 month ROI, reduced to seven months and so we had almost immediate payback with the system just based on being able to do the things we need to do and the core part was the ERP and now were really pushing on the PLM side very hard to get the benefits of that system as well.

Greg Bannister


Obermeyer Case Study

Sport Obermeyer: Rapid ROI with NGC Solutions

Challenge: Manual processes and systems that couldn't integrate resulted in inefficient workflows, redundant processes and slower time to market for Sport Obermeyer, leading to the company's decision to overhaul its legacy systems.

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