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With NGC's Management Consulting services, your company can take advantage of NGC's apparel industry expertise to create and develop an actionable strategic plan to meet business objectives and improve ROI.

Based on NGC's experience with the world's top brands, retailers and consumer products companies, our consultants will work with your executive team to review your business KPIs and plans, understand market challenges and opportunities, provide analysis of current business practice and propose an improved strategy.

NGC’s management consulting services will deliver a strategic plan that will allow your company to cope with change, create adaptability for your company ensuring that the organization’s objectives are reached or changed as necessary, enable your company to define specific goals and the actions needed to meet them, assist in day-to-day decision making and create an effective control process by defining metrics to measure progress.

NGC's management consulting services will:


Review business KPIs and plans

Examine your existing future growth plans including organic growth, acquisition plan and brand growth; review your supply chain process including global sourcing mix and suppliers; and evaluate your business structure in each relevant channel.

Understand Challenges and Opportunities

Recognize existing and future market trends and prepare an analysis of challenges and opportunities across your sales organization, design and product development, sourcing and business operations.

Provide analysis of current practices

Utilize the review of business KPIs and plans along with analysis of challenges and opportunities within your company and industry to provide an in-depth analysis of your current business practices.

Propose a strategy

Provide a strategic plan to improve processes, including adjustments to standard operating procedures, best practices and operating income impact. We will also provide solution recommendations, including increasing value from the existing software in place, upgrade of existing modules to later versions with increased functionality, additional modules that can add efficiency and value, and the cost justification of these recommendations and ROI.


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