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Sourcing Journal Founder Edward Hertzman to Focus on Industry Disruption at Panorama 2017

The retail and apparel industries are experiencing the biggest changes in decades, and Sourcing Journal founder Edward Hertzman will share his observations as our keynote speaker for NGC Panorama, May 17. Eddie’s keynote, “A Candid Look at the Shifting Landscapes of Retail, Apparel, Trade and Global Sourcing,” will focus on the industry disruptions and rapid changes that are affecting our industry.
In just a few short years, Sourcing Journal has grown to become one of the apparel industry’s most influential publications, and Eddie is a sought-after speaker and industry expert. Eddie’s keynote session is a “can’t miss” that will set the tone for Panorama 2017, as we explore new technologies and best practices that can help NGC customers thrive in a time of unprecedented change.
Our agenda is filled with customer-led panels covering topics ranging from “The State of the Apparel Industry” to “Implementation Challenges and Successes.” No matter what NGC solutions you’re interested in, you’ll find product workshops on a range of topics: PLM, SCM, Quality Control, Vendor Management, ERP, BI, and Shop Floor Control. You’ll learn about all the exciting breakthroughs in our new Andromeda Cloud Platform, too, and we’ll share our product and technology roadmap.
As a reminder, Early Bird Registration ends March 15, so sign up soon and save. Our hotel block closes on April 10, so book today for the best rates!

Apparel Features Sport Obermeyer’s Partnership with NGC

As we are all too well aware, the apparel industry is rapidly evolving, with many companies being threatened or left behind if they don’t adapt. Recently Apparel Magazine featured Sport Obermeyer’s quick adaptation to the changing times and how the company has maintained its leadership in specialty ski apparel in the midst of strong competition from eCommerce giants and big box retailers.

To modernize its business operations, Sport Obermeyer implemented NGC’s Global Enterprise Suite (GES) that includes fashion PLM, SCM and ERP. NGC’s solutions have enabled Sport Obermeyer to accelerate design and production and actively track the location of products, in transit and at the factory. By implementing our GES platform, Sport Obermeyer has streamlined design and development processes, increased collaboration across the entire business, and improved profitability.

Greg Bannister, COO of Sport Obermeyer, discussed how they’re using the software to communicate with their factories overseas.

"We're actually writing POs, and they're acknowledging them through our system,” he said. “We can track them from when they get fabric to when they start to cut and sew. We have a better idea of what's going on with factories overseas."

Read more about Sport Obermeyer’s NGC implementation and how they’re continuing to look toward the future in the full article, here.

Ease Communications and Improve Packing and Shipping Accuracy with NGC’s EZ-Ship

One of the biggest dilemmas we hear about from customers is the need to communicate with factories overseas to make sure merchandise is packed and shipped correctly. NGC’s EZ-Ship is the best solution to this common problem and a necessity in today’s omni-channel world to ensure shipments make it from the factory to their destination. 

What is EZ-Ship?

EZ-Ship is a scan-pack solution and electronic data exchange that interfaces with NGC’s Retail Supply Chain Management solution and can handle standard EDI X12 retailer’s requirements. The software empowers manufacturers to introduce scan-packing and scan-loading to be compliant with purchase orders types such as: musical or mixed SKUs, solid SKUs or pre-pack orders. Therefore manufacturers are able to improve carton content and shipment accuracy to its distributions centers (DCs) and/or customers, and help reduce chargebacks and shipping errors that occur when merchandise is not delivered according to purchase order (PO) requirements.

Benefits of NGC’s EZ-Ship

If you’re already deploying NGC’s SCM solution, there are no integration costs and no master data entry required. Benefits of EZ-Ship include:

  • Ease of Use: EZ-Ship has a simple workflow and easy to use system
  • Data Integrity: All data comes from SCM and/or EDI interfaces to ensure data integrity
  • Flexibility: Supports multiple shipping methodology and GS1-128 label formats
  • Security: Only P.O.’s assigned to the factory can be downloaded to EZ-Ship
  • Data Protection: All data is seamless transferred between EZ-Ship and SCM
  • Automation: Uploading and downloading of data can be automated

Trusted by Large Omni-Channel Apparel Brands

Leading apparel brands, including DXL, have already integrated EZ-Ship. DXL uses EZ-Ship to reduce chargebacks and packing errors by validating the contents of each carton and shipment sent from the retailer’s factories. The retailer, who also utilizes NGC’s Fashion PLM, is the largest omni-channel specialty retailer of big & tall men's apparel.

EZ-Ship integrates with DXL’s SCM and EDI systems and allows for shipments to multiple DCs directly from the factory. The solution supports unlimited ASN and label formats, providing remote shipping sites with the flexibility to use a standard import and export data set that easily integrates with any ERP, WMS or DC system. See why DXL is deploying EZ-Ship, here.

To learn more about EZ-Ship and begin implementing, contact us today.

Join us for NGC’s Panorama Regional Meetings!

NGC’s Panorama Regional Meetings are only two months away, and we’re pleased to release the agenda for these exclusive meetings, free to NGC customers. Join us in New York, May 10-11 at the Harvard Club, or Los Angeles, May 17-18 at the City Club Los Angeles, for incredible, high-energy events filled with innovative and inspiring educational content. 

This is your chance to get an up-close look at the latest product updates, hear the company’s vision and strategy and get hands-on with NGC’s new user experience. The agenda will include a variety of sessions, versatile and focused workshops, and opportunities for networking, collaboration and one-on-one time with NGC solution experts. 

Attendance is free, but registration is limited. If you have not signed up yet, please register at:

Need a hotel room? Visit our accommodations page for discounted rates, available through April 6 for New York and April 13 for Los Angeles.

Don’t miss out on the biggest technology event of the year for NGC customers – packed with educational sessions, best-practices, access to NGC executives and solution experts, and peer-to-peer networking. We look forward to seeing you!

We’re Ready for PLM 3.0 – Are you?

In its 20+ year history, PLM has constantly evolved and today, PLM is undergoing its greatest transformation yet, with the advent of PLM 3.0, also known as “PLM-as-a-Platform.” PLM 3.0 is helping companies realize new breakthroughs in time to market, cost reduction and responding to consumer demand.

PLM 3.0 doesn’t require you to scrap your current PLM system and that’s good news for companies that have already invested in PLM over the past decade. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of PLM.

PLM 1.0: Product Data Management. In the early 1990s, with the shift to overseas manufacturing, fashion and CPG companies needed to a way communicate product data to factories on the other side of the globe, which gave rise to PLM 1.0: Product Data Management, or PDM.

The end product of PDM was the tech pack, which quickly became a universal communications document for companies that sourced products. Tech packs were distributed by email, enabling the rapid growth in global sourcing. There were limitations, though, which gave rise to the next wave of PLM innovation.

PLM 2.0: Where we are today. With the growth of the Internet, companies needed a web-based system that connected design, production and planning teams with factories and agents in real-time. Collaboration, calendaring and exception management were essential, which led to the development of PLM 2.0 in the early 2000s. PLM 2.0 covers concept to adoption, and that’s where most of the industry is today.

Today, when people think of PLM, they typically think of PLM 2.0. While the capabilities in PLM 2.0 are essential for product development, it doesn’t begin to unlock the complete potential of PLM to transform the entire product lifecycle.

PLM 3.0: The next step in PLM’s evolution. With PLM 3.0, the focus is on connecting the data and systems in your organization to drive better decision-making. PLM 3.0 takes PLM beyond its traditional role, turning PLM into an enterprise platform that shares data among key stakeholders in every department of your company, as well as third parties such as vendors, suppliers, product testing labs, logistics providers and more.

PLM 3.0 takes information from all organizational systems and data sources, shares and analyzes it, and executes decisions based on the results. Every stakeholder shares in the information, which is important, since issues in one part of the organization have ripple effects upstream or downstream.

This represents a big step forward from PLM 2.0. Today, issues that happen in production aren’t shared in a timely manner with decision-makers upstream, where problems can be resolved before they escaIate into full-blown crises. Companies that have a PLM 2.0 mindset believe in order to improve the final result, they need to improve the concept to adoption phase.

Planning is important, and companies must continue to improve here. But they need to get better at reacting, too, because even the best-laid plans can go awry. That’s where PLM 3.0 makes a huge difference.

To learn more about PLM 3.0 and how it can help change your business and give you the ability to react to the ever-changing business environment, check out NGC’s latest white paper, “Get Ready for PLM 3.0."

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