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Hardwick Clothing Makes Their Olympic Debut

With the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro coming up in August, everyone is anticipating the opening and closing ceremonies, the games and, of course, what brands and designers the media and athletes will be sporting.

American media and athletes typically wear American brands, and in that tradition, NBC Olympics has selected our customer, Tennessee-based brand Hardwick Clothing, to design their attire for the duration of the Olympic games.

According to a recent article from Nooga.com, Hardwick Clothing is America’s oldest tailored clothing brand and will dress notable on-air talent including Al Michaels, Dan Patrick and former Olympian Ato Boldon. Athletes and media personalities can be difficult to fit, but Hardwick’s high-performance fabrics have stretch, breathability and wrinkle resistance to provide garments that pair well with Brazil’s tropical climate. 

However, this isn’t the first time NBC and Hardwick Clothing have partnered. Last year, the brand outfitted all NFL and NHL coverage for the network. The Olympics will further increase that exposure; with over 200 million people watching the games all around the world, this will help Hardwick Clothing attain an extraordinary amount of exposure both domestically and internationally. 

"The Olympic Games contract can widen exposure of the Hardwick name and brand, and foster interest from people who maybe have never heard of the company," said President and CEO, Bruce Bellusci told Nooga.com via email. "It's an incredible partnership, and it's going to give us such great exposure on a national and international scale.” 

Besides being known for their beautifully tailored suits that will be featured in one of the largest events of the decade, according to the source, Hardwick Clothing has invested $2.5 million in new manufacturing machinery, high-end fabrics and top-tier industry talent. Hardwick uses NGC’s Shop Floor Control an apparel software, to streamline manufacturing operations, enabling Hardwick to centralize production control, manage raw materials and assure quality control.

In addition to delving into international recognition during the Olympic Games, Hardwick Clothing is also working to help prevent identity theft, according to Apparel Magazine. Hardwick has partnered with Kufner, a German clothing company, to design blazers and jackets that block electric fields. With this innovative technology, identity thieves will be unable to skim information from wallets under these garments. 

NGC Regional Panorama Meetings Are a Hit on Both Coasts

NGC Software took Panorama on the road in May with two regional stops for customers on both coasts. We kicked things off on the East Coast with a meeting in New York City and wrapped things up on the West Coast in Los Angeles. The content and networking at the two-day abbreviated version of our user event was a hit with customers in both markets. 

Attendees were treated to opportunities to network with industry peers and colleagues along with software experts and executives from NGC. On the first day, main stage programming included demos of NGC’s latest mobile offerings for our apparel quality and compliance applications, and we discussed how these new apps play into our overall mobility strategy. In addition, attendees received a demonstration of NGC’s Andromeda software release due out later this year. The demos were well received, and if you missed the events, don’t worry: we’ll be sharing our new solutions with you soon.

Los Angeles regional meeting attendees were treated to a special presentation on NGC’s business intelligence (BI) offering from Evy of California’s CEO Kurt Krieser. Krieser highlighted how the solution helps Evy make critical business decisions and accomplish its vision and plan for the future. Krieser’s presentation was followed by a demo of the BI solution.

On the second day of the meetings, attendees had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with NGC executives, business consultants and product experts for personalized coaching and best practices on NGC’s software, in addition to opportunities for discussion and problem solving.

We’re excited to return to Miami next year for NGC Panorama 2017. We’ll be sticking to the two-day format our customers loved at the regional meetings and adding tracks for business leaders, executives and IT professionals focused on Apparel ERP, Fashion PLM, Retail SCM, BI, mobility and more. Stay tuned as the details unfold, and we hope to see you at Panorama 2017 in Miami!

To Avoid Large Chargebacks and Penalties, Improve Supply Chain Execution

The famous red Target “bulls-eye” is now trained squarely on suppliers that miss delivery windows, causing merchandise out-of-stocks and lost sales.

Sourcing Journal recently reported “as of May 30, Target’s domestic suppliers will face tightened deliver deadlines.” In addition, “they’ll no longer have the two-to-12-day grace period to ship goods late without penalties, and fines for inaccurate product information could reach as high as $10,000.” This follows a recent move by Walmart that changed the “on-time delivery standard from 90 to 95 percent and cut the delivery window to within one to two days of the target date.”       

With these moves, both Target and Walmart have reduced the margin of error to near zero for suppliers. And with Target and Walmart leading the way, other retailers will soon follow suit. 

The message to brands is clear: Supply chain execution is your #1 priority. Without it, you stand to incur huge penalties – and a possible loss of business from your most important customers. There’s plenty to be concerned about, too; according to Just-Style, “a large number of global apparel companies are still operating with little knowledge or control of their supply chains.”

Without better supply chain execution, production issues – quality problems, delayed shipments on raw materials, overbooked capacity, test and inspection failures and much more – can’t be shared before problems escalate into full-blown crises. By the time companies sort through mountains of spreadsheets, emails and faxes, they can be facing delayed shipments, rush charges for overnight shipments, and a failure to meet required delivery windows resulting in severe financial losses.

In this kind of environment, supply chain excellence is the #1 mandate. And the good news is a new generation of supply chain management systems is helping enterprises break through their organizational barriers and improve supply chain visibility and transparency. These new SCM systems connect the data and systems in an organization to drive better decision-making and faster turnaround time – turning SCM into an enterprise platform that helps brands optimize lead times, improve profitability and meet the new mandates from their most important customers.

To learn more about how supply chain systems can help improve overall performance, download NGC’s latest whitepaper, Optimize Lead Time, Maximize Profit.

PI Apparel Returns to NYC

Last year, PI Apparel made its mark on New York City and will return for the second year June 27-28. The two-day event brings together leading brands and retailers to “discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel and footwear industry.” Last year’s event was inspiring, educational and well attended, and NGC is proud to sponsor PI Apparel for the second year in a row.

NGC’s customers are among the featured speakers at PI Apparel 2016. Sport Obermeyer will take the stage to discuss “Boosting Supply Chain Efficiencies with Modern Technology.” Gregory Bannister, COO, Sport Obermeyer, will speak about how the company modernized their legacy enterprise suite and how to choose the right technology partner for this undertaking.

Our long-time customer VF Corporation will also be present to discuss how they’ve established a culture of innovation among their 70,000 employees and 30 brands. Additional sessions will be offered on PLM, ERP, supply chain, planning and industry innovation.

PI Apparel 2016 will be held June 27-28, at New York’s Union League Club in Manhattan, at the corner of 37th Street and Park Avenue. For more details and to register, visit the conference website. And please contact us at info@ngcsoftware.com if you’d like to schedule a meeting at the show.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

NGC Customer DXL Named Apparel “Top Innovator”

Every year Apparel Magazine ranks the “Top Innovators” in the industry, and NGC Software is honored to announce that DXL was selected this year. This year Apparel Magazine narrowed the playing field even further. The companies selected for this year’s honors represent the “best of the best” in apparel and fashion, and they are all are using technology in innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction and allow business operations to run more smoothly. We’re pleased that DXL Group was included in such elite company.

Here’s what Apparel had to say about DXL’s work with NGC:

One of DXL’s systems includes NGC’s PLM and Supply Chain Management (SCM). DXL rolled this out in 2013 to all cross-functional departments to break down silos, streamline line planning, and increase collaboration with new and existing suppliers. Doing so significantly reduced time spent in internal meetings to review product development and production workflow on spreadsheets. “Everyone has visibility to their WIP tracking, calendar, development process, approvals and other information on their own devices through the web portal,” said Angela Chan, senior vice president and chief sourcing officer for DXL.

DXL now communicates design and technical specs for approvals, color matches and revisions over the web. It also handles open bidding through the web, allowing the company to diversify its supplier base and replenishment strategies, producing identical garments in multiple countries, all to the same high quality.

With the ability to capture workflow information from the season start until goods are delivered to its [direct channel], the company also can better measure vendor performance. This centralizes reporting and improves accuracy. “Our on-time delivery, quality and compliance reached over 98 percent in 2015 versus 85 percent to 90 percent before we implemented PLM,” said Chan.

Additionally, knowing the exact status of design and production at all times gives DXL the ability to respond to the latest trends, push decision-making further downstream and quickly react to unforeseen events, she said.

— Jordan K. Speer


Download the full list of “Top Innovators,” here.

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