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PLM Without Boundaries

Information is the lifeblood of the fashion industry – and today, it’s more critical than ever for brands and retailers to synchronize and orchestrate every facet of the concept-to-consumer process. It’s a steep challenge, though. The extended fashion enterprise is extremely complex, globally dispersed, and driven by an incredible amount of data from sales, planning, merchandising, design, compliance, sourcing and many other departments, not to mention trading partners. The benefits can be well worth it, though: improvements in efficiency, increased sales and profits, fewer chargebacks and better product quality, to name a few.

NGC is proud to sponsor a recent Apparel Magazine thought leadership report, PLM Without Boundaries: Orchestrating the Global Fashion Enterprise. It provides an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities in enterprise orchestration. The report also examines the benefits of integrating PLM, Supply Chain Management, ERP and other enterprise systems into a single, collaborative platform that standardizes enterprise processes and orchestrates the flow of information throughout an organization.

PLM Without Boundaries provides insight from NGC customers Sport Obermeyer and Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, and we think you’ll find it informative and thought provoking. Enjoy!

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NGC through the Lens of an Intern

Hi, my name is Jose and I am the Marketing Intern at NGC’s Miami office this summer. I am a rising sophomore at Columbia University in the City of New York – roar Lion roar – and am currently undecided on my major – and planning on getting a Ph. D. in undecided if I keep this up. I looked into this internship for a few reasons. The first: I needed something to keep me off of my couch (and Netflix) this summer. I was also looking to garner some experience working in an office environment since I very well could end up somewhere like this in a few years.

Also, New York City – especially as a college student – is expensive, and starving isn’t fun. Working at NGC, however, was.

 I worked primarily with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. If you’ve worked with them before, you know these programs are really fun in the big picture but can be frustrating at times with the details. For example, you can spend a couple of hours building a layout for a case study or a white paper just to realize there are a few small things out of line. If you’re a perfectionist this will bother you, and then you’ll spend just as long trying to get these things right. When you’re done, though, you can take pride in knowing that these documents are as good as they’re going to get, and that’s a great feeling. All in all, I love using these programs, which automatically made most of my work a lot of fun.

The people at NGC are even better than Photoshop (hard to believe, right?). The person to whom I answered, Marisol Gomez, is wonderful, and, much like NGC, a pleasure to work for. She has an abundance of experience with these programs and she assisted me with any trouble I had. Everyone else here was just as wonderful: very helpful and equally friendly.

So what did I learn during my time at NGC? Well, for starters, I learned what all those product acronyms stood for – PLM, SCM, GES – and what the products do. I learned about the work that goes into marketing a product and got to dabble in web design, which was really cool. I also learned a few valuable life lessons like “You’ll rarely get it right on the first try” and “Traffic is horrible when it rains, and it rains every day in Miami.”

All in all, my short summer at NGC was a worthwhile way to spend my time. I learned a lot, worked a lot, and even had some fun along the way. Plus, I won’t starve when I go back to school!

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