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PLM and SCM Integration is the Key to Competitive Advantage

The concept-to-delivery process in today's fashion business is extraordinarily complex and fast paced. In order to respond to rapidly changing trends and meet customer expectations, fashion companies must constantly strive to reduce product development time and increase speed to market. That's a key reason why faster time to market continues to be the #1 benefit that companies hope for from their PLM investments.
But PLM alone will not deliver the results that companies expect. As Apparel Magazine noted in a report on PLM and Sourcing integration, "lead time, cost management, product quality, and access to raw materials force sourcing organizations into tough decisions sometimes at odds with the goals of customer-centricity. In this environment, sourcing maturity and alignment with product lifecycle management activities play an increasingly important role in balancing the tradeoffs that must be made." There's plenty of room for improvement, too: the same report notes that less than 10% of companies have optimally integrated PLM and Sourcing technologies and processes. Read on »

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