April 2013 Entries

Apparel Software Trends: What's Coming Next?

NGC was pleased to participate in Just-Style's recent report, "Apparel Software Trends: The Outlook for 2013." If you're a fashion retailer or brand, you'll find this four-part series well worth your time, as it provides a summary of key fashion technology trends from a number of leading fashion technology vendors:


From NGC's perspective, we believe that several major fashion supply chain issues will be especially important in the coming months. These are already top-of-mind concerns for our customers, and we don't see them fading away any time soon. Here is a brief summary: Read on »

Supply Chain Transparency, Vendor Compliance and Factory Safety: What You Need to Know


The final blog post in our series focuses on how you can gain even more supply chain visibility and transparency with supply chain management and global sourcing systems such as NGC's software.

Vendor Compliance is an ideal system for helping retailers and brands manage and monitor their factories. To provide even greater supply chain transparency and visibility, NGC also offers its Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Global Sourcing solution, designed to help companies manage the “just-in-time” demands of fast fashion, coupled with uncertainties in material costs, transportation, logistics and trade legislation. NGC’s Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing system helps companies take control of the risks and complexities of managing their global supply chains. Read on »

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