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Supply Chain Transparency, Vendor Compliance and Factory Safety: What You Need to Know


This is the first in a three-part series about one of today's top supply chain issues: ensuring factory safety through improved supply chain transparency. In this series, NGC provides an overview as well as practical information on the steps you can take to ensure vendor compliance and supply chain visibility.

Supply Chain Transparency, Vendor Compliance and Factory Safety: What You Need to Know

Worker safety in supplier factories has never been more critical. After a fire killed 112 workers at the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. factory in Bangladesh in November 2012, fashion supply chains are under intense scrutiny to provide better supply chain transparency and worker safety.

The tragic loss of life has raised concerns about the Bangladesh garment industry, which is the world's second largest apparel exporter. It has also generated unwelcome publicity for the retailers and brands that produced garments at Tazreen, whether through direct sourcing or subcontractors. Industry giants such as Wal-Mart, Li & Fung, Delta Apparel and many others have been linked to Tazreen—in many cases, because their factories were farming out work to subcontractors (such as Tazreen) without approval. Read on »

Trade Policies, Sourcing and the Fashion Supply Chain

Part 2 of a 2-part series.

As our last blog post explained, the key to taking advantage of sourcing shifts and changing trade policies is extending traditional PLM into the supply chain. It's only by doing this that companies can gain the agility they need. As an Apparel/Gartner study noted, these synchronized PLM and sourcing systems are "at the heart of a company's ability to achieve greater supply chain agility."

Systems that combine PLM with SCM and sourcing – which NGC calls Extended PLM –can enhance supply chain responsiveness in a number of ways. However the following characteristics are especially important in enabling more agile sourcing: Read on »

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